Monday, April 11, 2011

Girls, that was a blast!! I had so much fun, learned so much more (thanks, KC!!!) and met some great new friends!!  Kindred spirits, soul sisters, I hope we have more adventures together!


  1. Yes,,,it was indeed a blast! So great meeting you and sharing ideas. K.C.'s class was over the top! Enjoy your blog so much. Keep posting!

  2. I was so happy to connect with ya and hope to make a regular craft time / share time with you and Susan.
    I am planning a trip into Austin to get one of those cool sewing machines.
    Blessings ;-)

  3. I'll going to Huntsville for Mother's Day but will contact you next week to set a get-together-time.
    Happy MD Blessings ;-)

  4. Hi, marji!
    Candy found my blog and discovered my post about the K.C. Willis retreat in Taylor.
    My friend, Robin, and I attended the 2nd retreat. (the "cooler" one - so sorry you had to deal with the heat:(
    anyway, Candi and I have swapped a few emails about getting together for an "art weekend".
    She gave me you blog address and I just wanted to introduce myself.

    I live outside of kerrville, candy lives in wimberly - where are you? It's so wonderful to find other m.m. artists in "this" area!

    Warmly, Jan (Oh, and these clothes you've shown in the next post??